The Curriculum at Tottenhall Infant School

Our Curriculum

The purpose of the curriculum at Tottenhall Infant School is to provide all our pupils with the best start in life. Our aim is for pupils to have the communication skills and knowledge to become successful lifelong learners, skilled independent caring citizens of their community and the wider world. We want all our pupils to be inquisitive, creative thinkers and to develop the independence and confidence to be the best they can be. We will do this through offering a broad and balanced curriculum including a range of rich learning experiences in school and the wider community. Learning in our school is deep and meaningful. The experiences and knowledge that the children gain in lessons will be fully embedded. We expect the children to recognise the importance of taking pride in presentation and developing positive personal standards.

the curriculum is both ambitious and well planned to meet the needs of all pupils. Leaders and teachers have a clear understanding of the curriculum they want pupils to follow.

Ofsted Report – 2021

Curriculum Key Drivers

Our Values and Vision

At Tottenhall we promote values based learning where our values are at the core of our school aims and vision. Our 5 main values are confidence, resilience, getting along, organisation and persistence which underpin personal development across the school. Alongside our curriculum we use the ‘You Can Do It’ programme and puppets to help pupils develop an understanding of what our values are and why they are important. We promote positive behaviour management, with an emphasis on praise; we encourage pupils to develop a sense of personal discipline and take responsibility for their own behaviour. We are an inclusive school that involves all members of the school community in the process of promoting appropriate behaviour. We ensure equal access for all children to a purposeful learning environment and fair treatment in all aspects of school life.

Language and Communication

Through our curriculum we aim to promote language ensuring children develop the necessary skills to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings successfully in a range of different forms. Children need to develop the skills to speak fluently and listen with respect in different contexts. Reading well and widely, plays an important part in growing children’s minds, developing their imagination and providing a rich vocabulary allowing children to construct knowledge and understand the world. Writing skills are an important part of communication. Good writing skills will allow our pupils to communicate their message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience.


At Tottenhall we plan for and allow pupils the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities that enhance the quality of learning. Enrichment enables pupils to broaden their skills and experiences, identify and enhance talents. We offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities such as rock steady, gymnastics, and French as we firmly believe that these opportunities have a number of benefits for our pupils, both academically and personally. We want our pupils to understand their position in the future through developing an awareness of what their local community has to offer. The school will play an important part in the planning of activities and opportunities it offers ensuring it draws on the expertise, knowledge and industry that surrounds the school.