Our Policies

An overview of all our school policies. Most can be downloaded as a separate PDF to be read in greater detail.

  • Accessibility Policy
    To download our Accessibility Plan please click here.
  • Admissions Policy

    Tottenhall follows the admission policy laid down by the local authority. Please call the school office for further information.

    To apply online please visit www.eadmissions.org.uk.

    For more information, please visit www.enfield.gov.uk/admissions

  • Article 35 Data Protection Impact Assessment
    To download the Article 35 Data Protection Impact Assessment please click here.
  • Attendance Policy

    To download our attendance policy please click here.

    Term time absences need the authority of the Headteacher using the Request for Absence During Term Time form, which can be found in the School Office or can be downloaded here.

  • Behaviour Policy

    To download our behaviour policy please click here.

  • Charging Policy

    To download our charging policy please click here.

  • Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Visitors
    To download our Code of Conduct please click here.
  • Complaints Procedure

    To download our complete complaints procedures please click here.

    Annexe during COVID-19.

  • Data Protection
    To download our Data Protection policy please click here.
  • Debt Recovery Policy
    Please click here to read our Debt Recovery Policy.
  • Dogs on School Grounds
    To read our policy on dogs on school grounds, please click here.
  • E-Safety Policy

    To download our E-Safety Policy please click here.

  • Equal Opportunities Policy

    Our aim is to provide the best possible education to every child, offering them equal access to all areas of the curriculum.

    We believe that school should provide an environment where all children are free to develop without discrimination against gender, race, faith, language, ability or social class.

    It is essential that children have a feeling of self worth and confidence if they are to make the most of, and enjoy, their learning experience at Tottenhall Infant School.

    We ensure that our curriculum reflects the varied cultural backgrounds of all our children and responds to their individual needs and strengths.

  • Equalities Information
    To download our Equalities Information policy please click here.    
  • Health and Safety

    To download our health and safety policy please click here.

  • Inclusion Policy

    To download our Inclusion policy please click here.

    To download our Nurture Group policy click here.

  • Medical Policy

    To download our medical policy please click here.

    To download the Over the Counter Consent Form please click here.

    To download the Prescribed Medication Consent Form please click here.

  • Physical Education Policy

    To download our P.E. policy please click here.

    To download our P.E. information please click here.

  • Privacy Notice
    Please click here to download.
  • Promoting British Values Policy

    To download our Promoting British Values policy please click here.

  • Safeguarding Checks

    For further information on Safeguarding Checks please click here.

  • Safeguarding Policy

    To download our safeguarding policy please click here.

    Annexe 1 - COVID-19

  • SEND Policy

    To download our SEND policy please click here.

    To download the parent SEND information report please click here.

    To download information on Enfield's Local Offer please click here.

    To download the SEND Reform & Myth Buster please click here.

    For information on Enfield's Local Offer for SEND and their services, please visit https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/children-and-education/local-offer/

  • Tottenhall Infants Retention and Disposal Schedule
    Please click here to download.
  • Whistleblowing Policy

    To download our whistleblowing policy please click here.