School Newsletter

The school newsletter is published on a regular basis and contains all the latest news as well as details of any forthcoming events. Download current and past issues by clicking on the document icon.

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24/05/2019Summer Term 3
10/05/2019Summer Term 2
26/04/2019Summer Term 1
25/04/2019Spring Term 5
29/03/2019Spring Term 4
08/03/2019Spring Term 3
15/02/2019Spring Term 2
21/01/2019Spring Term 1
19/12/2018Autumn Term 8
12/12/2018Autumn Term 7
30/11/2018Autumn Term 6
12/11/2018Autumn Term 5
16/10/2018Autumn Term 4
12/10/2018Autumn Term 3 2018
12/10/2018Autumn Term 2
12/09/2018Autumn Term 1 2018
18/07/2018End of Term
12/07/2018Summer Term No.5
12/07/2018Summer Term No.4
12/06/2018Summer Term No. 3
15/05/2018Summer Term No 2
25/04/2018Summer Term No 1
29/03/2018Spring Term No 6
23/03/2018Spring Term No. 5
05/03/2018Spring Term No. 4
21/02/2018Spring Term No. 3
02/02/2018Spring Term No. 2
08/01/2018Spring Term No. 1
15/12/2017Autumn Term No 6
08/12/2017Autumn Term No 7
09/11/2017Autumn Term No. 5
20/10/2017Autumn Term No.4
10/10/2017Autumn Term No. 3
06/10/2017Autumn Term No. 2
06/09/2017Autumn Term No. 1

Tottenhall is a culturally rich and ethically diverse school with high expectations, standards and achievements.

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