School Council

The school council is made up of two children from each class in year one and two and from autumn term two children from each reception class. The councillors are voted for by their class mates. The school council is responsible for bringing ideas from their class to see if the school council can help improve things in our school, in our community and in the wider world. Meetings are held once a week in the school library.

In the last year our school council have been very busy and have played a very valuable part in our school. We are very proud of our achievement.


The Queens 90th Birthday

In June the school council held a competition to design the front cover of the Queens 90th birthday card. We had over three hundred entries so it was far too hard to choose just one. The school council narrowed it down to 5 pictures per class these along with class photos were made into a book and sent to the Queen to send her good wishes. We were all very happy and surprised to receive a card and letter back from the royal household thanking us for all the hard work that went into our card. If you would like to read the letter received click here.

Sponsoring A Rhino

Two of our year two girls approached the school council after seeing a documentary about Rhino poaching to see if we could raise money to help the rhinos. The school council took up the challenge and launched “Small change to make a big change” We asked parents to donate their small change and by the end of the week we had collected enough money thanks to the generosity of our parents to sponsor a Rhino for a year. We will get monthly updates of how our money is helping the rhinos.