Our Policies

An overview of all our school policies. Most can be downloaded as a separate PDF to be read in greater detail.

  • Absence and Illness

    If your child is unwell and cannot attend school please telephone the school before 9.15am and explain the reason for his/her absence. We will attempt to contact you, but if we cannot the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. Should your child be off school with sickness and diarrhoea school policy requires that they stay at home for 48 hours from the last episode of sickness and diarrhoea. Should your child have a temperature please do not send them to school after giving them medicine as when this wears off they will still be ill and will be sent home.

    The Governors and Headteacher will not authorise any holidays taken during term time. Should you decide to take your child out of school during term time you may be issued with a Penalty Notice served by the Local Authority. Every request for absence should be put in writing and given to the Headteacher who will look at each request individually and advise you of her decision. If your child becomes ill during the school day we will contact you as soon as possible so that you can collect your child. In the event of an emergency, we will take any necessary action for the well-being of the child and will contact parents as soon as possible. It is vital that the school is given up-to-date home and work numbers, an emergency contact number and be advised of any changes immediately. Our Welfare Officer will supervise children taking medication to treat conditions such as Asthma or Eczema provided written permission is given by the parent. Other medication will be administered following discussions with the Inclusion Manager and the Headteacher when it is in the best interest of the child to attend school. All pupils have their hearing, eyesight and teeth checked during their three years at the infant school. Reception children also have their height and weight checked.

    To download our absence and illness policy please click here.

  • Admissions Policy

    Tottenhall follows the admission policy laid down by the local authority. Please call the school office for further information.

    Parents will be able to apply for places for  reception and nursery September 2020 from October 2019 through until 15th January 2020. To apply online please visit www.eadmissions.org.uk.

    Parents and carers are welcome to look round the school/nursery before making an application.

    For more information, please visit www.enfield.gov.uk/admissions

  • Article 35 Data Protection Impact Assessment

  • Attendance Policy

    We strongly believe regular attendance is linked to higher achievement. Arriving at school on time each day will enable your child to make the most of the rich learning and social experiences Tottenhall has to offer. Habits of regular attendance and good time keeping need to be established early on and will benefit your child for the rest of his or her school career and throughout life.

    To download our attendance policy please click here.

    Term time absences need the authority of the Headteacher using the Request for Absence During Term Time form, which can be found in the School Office or can be downloaded here.

  • Behaviour Policy

    It is vitally important that everyone, both adults and pupils, are treated with tolerance and respect. It is essential that all pupils develop self-discipline, self-respect and consideration towards others and their surroundings. Our school rules are simple, fair and understood by all adults and pupils. Parents will be informed of these school rules. You will receive a copy of the School’s Behaviour Booklet when your child starts school. We ask you to share this with your child and support the Home/School Agreement.

    We hope you will join us in this positive approach to promoting good behaviour and discipline.

    To download our behaviour policy please click here.

  • Charging Policy

    This Charging Policy informs staff and parents about charging for School activities. It conforms to the requirements of the guidance detailed in ‘A Guide to the Law for School Governors’ May 2012.

    To download our charging policy please click here.

  • Child Protection Policy

    The Governors and Staff of Tottenhall Infant School fully recognise the contribution it makes to safeguarding children.  We recognise that all staff, including volunteers, have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm.

    All Staff and Governors believe that our school should provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment which promotes the social, physical and moral development of the individual child.

    If we suspect that a child is either being abused, neglected or at risk then we are required by law to report our concerns to the Education Welfare Department. The school has designated teachers who are responsible for Child Protection. A copy of the Child Protection Handbook is available for inspection in school.

    To download our child protection policy please click here.

  • Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Visitors
    This Code of Conduct is an unsigned agreement between the Parent, Carer, Visitor and Tottenhall Infant School.
  • Complaints Procedure

    This procedure aims to reassure parents and others with an interest in the school that:

    – any complaint against the school will be dealt with in a fair, open and responsive way, with the aim of achieving a speedy and satisfactory resolution; and

    – the school recognises that a willingness to listen to questions and advice and to respond positively, can lead to improvements in school practices and provision for pupils.

    To download our complete complaints procedures please click here.
  • Data Protection
    Please click here to download.
  • E-Safety Policy

    E-Safety encompasses Internet technologies and electronic communications such as mobile phones and wireless technology. It highlights the need to educate children and young people about the benefits and risks of using new technology and provides safeguards and awareness for users to enable them to control their online experiences. The school’s e-Safety policy will operate in conjunction with other policies including those for Pupil Behaviour, Bullying, Curriculum, Data Protection and Security.

    To download our E-Safety Policy please click here.

  • Equal Opportunities Policy

    Our aim is to provide the best possible education to every child, offering them equal access to all areas of the curriculum.

    We believe that school should provide an environment where all children are free to develop without discrimination against gender, race, faith, language, ability or social class.

    It is essential that children have a feeling of self worth and confidence if they are to make the most of, and enjoy, their learning experience at Tottenhall Infant School.

    We ensure that our curriculum reflects the varied cultural backgrounds of all our children and responds to their individual needs and strengths.

  • Equalities Information
    Tottenhall Infant School & Children's Centre Equalities Information can be downloaded by clicking here.    
  • Health and Safety

    The governing body is committed to high standards of health, safety and wellbeing and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the Schools and Children’s Services Health and Safety Framework Policy, and its health and safety procedures e.g. Health and Safety documents available on Fronter, Fire Log Book, Responsible Persons Premises Log etc are implemented.

    To download our health and safety policy please click here.

  • Inclusion Policy

    We are committed to giving all of our pupils every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards. We do this by taking account of pupils' varied life experiences and needs.

    We offer a broad and balanced creative curriculum and have high expectations for all pupils. The achievements, attitudes and well-being of all our pupils matter.

    This policy helps to ensure that this school promotes the individuality of all our pupils, irrespective of ethnicity, attainment, age, disability, gender or background. It ensures that the individual needs of the pupils are recognised and planned for so that each can access the curriculum, learn and make good progress.

    To download our Inclusion policy please click here.

    To download our Nurture Group policy click here.

  • Medical Policy

    Tottenhall provides all pupils with any medical condition the same opportunities as others at school, enabling them to play a full and active role in school life, remain healthy and achieve their academic potential. Our medical policy is drawn up in consultation with local key stakeholders within both the school and health settings. All staff understand and are trained in what to do in case of an emergency at the school. The school has clear guidance on providing care and support and administering medication and first aid at school.

    To download our medical policy please click here.

  • Performance Data
    To download our performance data for 2015/16 please click here.
  • Physical Education Policy

    Physical Education (P.E.) is a foundation subject within the National Curriculum. This policy outlines the purpose, nature and management of P.E. in our school. By participating in physical activity during and after school, pupils can gain a range of physical, social, emotional and intellectual benefits. Physical activity opportunities will be provided through health and physical education activities, sport, recreation and games.

    To download our P.E. policy please click here.

    To download our P.E. information please click here.

  • Privacy Notice
    Please click here to download.
  • Promoting British Values Policy

    The DofE have reinforced the need to “create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.” The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values have been reiterated in 2014.

    To download our promoting British values policy please click here.

  • Safeguarding Checks

    Tottenhall School ensures that all relevant pre-employment checks are carried out on employees and workers engaged directly.

    For further information on Safeguarding Checks please click here.

  • SEND Policy

    All children and their individual abilities are valued at Tottenhall Infant School.

    It is our policy to identify and start to meet the needs of any child as early as possible. This maybe a physical, emotional and behavioural, communication and interaction or learning need. Tottenhall aims to ensure that all teachers will identify and provide for pupils with special educational needs. This will enable them to join with other pupils in all school activities, so far as is reasonably practical and compatible with the pupil receiving special educational provision and the efficient education of the other pupils in the school.

    To download our SEND policy please click here.

    To download the parent SEND information report please click here.

    To download information on Enfield's Local Offer please click here.

    To download the SEND Reform & Myth Buster please click here.

    For information on Enfield's Local Offer for SEND and their services, please visit https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/children-and-education/local-offer/

  • Tottenhall Infants Retention and Disposal Schedule
    Please click here to download.
  • Whistleblowing Policy

    Employees or workers bringing information about wrongdoing to the attention of their employers or a relevant organisation are protected in certain circumstances under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA). This is commonly known as ‘blowing the whistle’. The law that protects whistle blowers is for the public interest – so people can speak out if they find malpractice in an organisation. Blowing the whistle is more formally known as ‘making a disclosure in the public interest’.

    To download our whistleblowing policy please click here.