Our Aims

Mission Statement

We ensure all pupils and staff learn together in order to aim high, persevere and achieve within a respectful setting.

The Vision

Tottenhall is an inclusive community where all pupils are nurtured and inspired to be the best they can be. Our children will be successful learners; responsible citizens and confident individuals.

To view our aims download the PDF here.

Our Values

Conny Confidence

Conny Confidence
Confident children are not afraid to make mistakes when learning something new

Pete Persistence

Pete Persistence
Children who are persistent keep on trying when things seem hard or are not fun to do

Ricky Resilience

Ricky Resilience
Children who are emotionally resilient can calm down soon after being extremely upset without needing the immediate help of an adult


Oscar Organisation
Children who are organised plan to do their best work. They listen carefully to what their teachers and parents want them to do


Gabby Get Along
Getting along means that children work and play together nicely. It means that children tell the truth, care about and are friendly to others.


Pupils grow in confidence during their time at the school, have high self-esteem and are very excited about learning.

Ofsted Report