Ofsted Report 2013


All quotes used on this site have been taken from this Ofsted report.

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The last Ofsted inspection was September 2013 which stated that:

“pupils make good progress from low starting points and achieve well.”

“pupils in the nurture group achieve extremely well because of the excellent support they receive, tailored precisely to their needs.”

“all staff know pupils very well and run a wide range of support programmes for them to meet every need.”

“the new headteacher and deputy headteacher have maintained and strengthened the school’s nurturing ethos. Leaders, managers and governors have improved teaching and helped standards to rise.”

“the school has excellent links with parents, who fully support its work. “

“pupils have opportunities to solve real-life problems in mathematics and develop a solid grasp of number. Teachers give pupils next steps in their learning, which help them to make rapid progress in their mathematical understanding.”

“disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs make good progress because support is tailored to the individual pupil and teaching assistants are trained well in meeting the full range of their needs.”

“pupils have positive attitudes to learning and are keen to do well. They behave well in class and around the school, show respect to one another and to adults and are polite and friendly to visitors. ”

“the school’s new headteacher and deputy headteacher have the same passion for helping pupils become the best they can be that has always prevailed at Tottenhall. Pupils thrive in a caring and stimulating environment and are known as individuals by all staff. This contributes extremely well to the school’s ‘family feel’, something that is greatly valued by parents.”

“the curriculum makes a significant contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, with strengths in music, art, dance and drama. There is an emphasis on celebrating the diverse range of languages and cultures that pupils bring to school.”

“the school works extremely well with parents and fosters strong relationships from the start. Staff make a point of visiting each home to find out about new children and put up a welcoming display of photographs and information from their visits in school to greet them when they arrive. There are also excellent links with the neighbouring children’s centre.”


Pupils grow in confidence during their time at the school, have high self-esteem, and are excited about learning.


Vision and ambition of the curriculum underpins outstanding inclusion, so that all the members of the school flourish and feel valued.